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Maths Masterclasses

Better results, guaranteed.


Can’t say fairer than that.

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Our Aim – To help as many students as possible acquire the skills, confidence and grades they need to chase their dreams.

90-Days to Maths Mastery

I offer Maths courses specifically designed to improve your GCSE grade, 100% guaranteed.

They are suitable for anyone working towards their maths GCSE. Whether you are 11 and just starting out on secondary maths or have a matter of months before you sit your GCSE exams, I tailor the course for you. We work in small groups and use our proven Identify-Practice-Recall cycle to guarantee great results.

Led by me, an experienced and qualified teacher, these comprehensive programs provide a review of the key concepts and skills needed to succeed at each level. These fully-structured courses provide pupils with the support, routine, and consistent exam practice needed to excel in Maths. Every session is taught live. All resources are provided, from weekly lesson materials and homework designed to help master individual topics to past papers and so much more.

I currently run the following masterclasses:

  • Foundations (Tailored to Grades 1-3) 
  • Next Steps (Tailored to Grades 3-5) 
  • Higher (Tailored to Grades 5-7) 
  • Advanced (Tailored to Grades 7-9) 

A-Level Masterclasses coming soon…

Not sure what level would suit you? Book a call and I can assess exactly where you are at and give you the individualized support you need.

Tom’s Tutors Masterclass – Guarantee

Grade Improvement in 90 Days: Working With You Until Success

Your success is our priority. If, despite your child’s full commitment grades aren’t improving, we’ll continue working with them for free until they do. We’re dedicated to standing by your side until your child succeeds.

What clients say 

Tom is an excellent maths tutor to our son, always encouraging him to help boost his confidence. Tom conducts the lessons in a professional manner and has really helped my son with his understanding and ability of maths using clear guidance. Many thanks!

Rachel R

Are you… 

❌ Falling behind in class.


❌ Struggling to reach that next grade

❌ Tired of feeling overwhelmed by exam pressure.


❌ Stressed about the mountain of things to do

❌ Lacking confidence


Needing support of someone who believes in you

Do you want to… 

✅ Make a change


✅ Get lasting results

✅ Find a supportive community


✅ Learn effective study techniques and strategies

✅ Overcome math anxiety 


✅ Boost your confidence

Then this course is for you! 


"Tom is amazing. Has helped my daughter understand concepts she has never understood before. He is also hugely understanding of her health needs."

Anna T - Parent (GCSE Maths)

"I could't have asked for a better tutor."

Edward - Student (A-Level Maths)

"Tom is a great tutor. He has really helped my daughter with her maths and this has made her feel much more confident with it. Thanks Tom!"

Peter T - Parent (GCSE Maths)

"All my life I've been pretty much scared of maths, but whilst being here (in your lessons) I've learnt to actually LIKE maths. Thank you!!!"

Laura - Student (KS3 Maths)

"Tom is a great tutor. He’s really encouraging and makes the sessions interesting and structured. We’d recommend him!"

Dave N - Parent (GCSE Maths)

"I was getting 2's and 3's. Tom massively helped my confidence and lowered my stress especially going into the actual exam and helped me get the Grade 5 I wanted and needed."

Hebe - Student (GCSE Maths)

"Tom has a lovely way about him and keeps us very well informed regarding what he has covered in each lesson and what our daughter has improved on. We are very pleased we chose him and would happily recommend him."

Judith A - Parent (GCSE Maths)


Better results, guaranteed.

Can’t say fairer than that.

Lock in 50% off FOREVER!

book before Jan 14th 2024

Per Term



50% off when you book before Jan 14th

Pay Termly Benefits

  • Masterclass Guarantee
  • I’ll work with you until I have delivered on my promise
  • Multiple live lessons a week from an outstanding teacher
  • Sunday drop-ins/ Q and A
  • Regular feedback
  • Average student makes 2-3 grades of progress

Plus – Free access to 6 week study skill + growth mindset masterclass (Normally £180)

Per Week



50% off when you book before Jan 14th

Pay Weekly Benefits

  • Masterclass Guarantee
  • I’ll work with you until I have delivered on my promise
  • Multiple live lessons a week from an outstanding teacher
  • Sunday drop-ins/ Q and A
  • Regular feedback
  • Average student makes 2-3 grades of progress

Frequently asked questions

Why are small groups important?

A small group setting fosters an interactive and collaborative learning environment. In these close-knit communities, students can unite around shared goals, harnessing the power of collective effort. Moreover, our commitment to maintaining low student-to-tutor ratios guarantees personalized attention for each student.

What topics do the programmes cover?

Every cohort of the program is distinct, tailoring its content to address the specific needs of the individuals within the group. We meticulously cover core topics essential for achieving targeted grades, employing real exam paper questions and effective problem-solving techniques. The program also provides invaluable exam preparation insights, encompassing diverse question approaches and time management strategies for peak performance during exams.

How do I find out more information about the course?

For a comprehensive list of answers to frequently asked questions, please visit our dedicated FAQ page. If you have specific questions or would like to discuss your child’s unique needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to us through the contact details provided on the website. We’re here to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about your child’s education journey with us.

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